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Mastering Shipping: How To Confidently Ship Your Candles

A complete, curated and in-depth video course that teaches you exactly how to navigate the shipping process for your candle business so that you will be able to choose your boxes, determine your prices and ship out your candles with confidence.

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Just getting started?

Candle Business Printable Workbook

Are you a candle maker who has gotten that spark to turn your hobby into a business? This workbook is designed to act as a starting point and provides thought provoking questions and prompts to help organize your thoughts so that you can take actionable steps to starting your own candle business!

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Organize, Plan and Keep Track Of Your Candle Business

This digital planner is designed for YOU as a handmade business owner who needs to have more organization, planning and structure within your weekly routine. This template will be your go-to digital planner that you will actually use because it is so simple, efficient and user-friendly!

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"Fantastic course! It's so full of valuable information. I was terrified of shipping. Now, I feel like I can do this successfully, and it's okay to make a few mistakes as long as I keep exploring options. Also, Erica has a professional yet pleasant personality on camera. I enjoyed the course. Thank you!"

Andrea, Mastering Shipping Course Student

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